Welcome and thank you for visiting StyleOm!

As the name suggests, StyleOm is a lifestyle site where style and consciousness intersect. It encompasses the modern woman’s interests — fashion, health + beauty and design — all sprinkled with compassion towards animals and the Earth. It’s style with a conscious bent.

I’m Christina Ablahad, StyleOm’s founder and creative director. I’m also an animal and nature lover. My journey here has been a meandering one, with plenty of stops, starts, detours and doubts. While working in fashion in various capacities, I began to wonder why animals have to suffer for us to have fur and leather, when there are so many other options. I also wondered why fashion seemed to get a pass when it came to compassion. After all of my deep thoughts, I decided that I didn’t want to wear something that was the result of an animal suffering or dying, even though that meant wistfully skipping on a pair of designer heels. Fashion’s not that serious!

As a former boutique owner and freelance fashion + lifestyle writer, I’ve been immersed in fashion for years, ever since my mom would sew my sister and me matching Gunne Sax dresses.  I’ve been cited as a fashion expert by NBC and AOL, interviewed top designers like Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera at New York Fashion Week, and have been featured in The New York Times Fashion & Style section and in the San Diego Union-Tribune. Also, I’ve written for outlets like New York magazine,, San Diego Magazine, AOL City’s Best and my own fashion blog. In addition to living in San Diego and NYC, I’ve spent considerable time abroad.

While in fashion, I began a spiritual journey of sorts, exploring spirituality and alternative healing techniques such as metaphysics, numerology, Pranic healing and the like. To my delight, I realized that there was a growing segment of the style set that gravitated towards things of the spirit, while still maintaining their chicness (no patchouli here!). The hip, not hippie.

So, I decided to combine the two — style and spirit. Our rad team carefully curates cruelty-free fashion, lifestyle and holistic health + beauty products that style our lives, AND we also curate spiritual tools and tips that style our spirit! StyleOm is my paean to living with awareness, stylishly.