Amour Vert (Green Love in French) is a sophisticated contemporary fashion brand out of San Francisco. Using non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers and fabrics, this line is committed to a zero waste design philosophy. They say you are what you wear, not just what you eat. Also, for each Amour Vert tee you buy, they plan a tree.


Their collections remind me a bit of Marc by Marc Jacobs combined with Splendid: lots of stripes, cute prints and a whimsical, yet sophisticated vibe. Some pieces (like the black Zyana maxi, above) are unexpectedly sexy.

This video explains the philosophy behind Amour Vert’s commitment to sustainable fashion and explains the process of creating an item of clothing. Did you know fashion industry creates more waste than any other industry other than the oil industry? Isn’t that mind-blowing? Watch and learn.

Amour Vert can be found at Nordstrom, and other retailers who get that green is the most fashionable color.

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