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Cute Vegan Lace Up Shoes Alert: American Rag Lila Ghillie Wedge Sandal

Once you swear off buying new leather shoes and bags, you still get pangs of longing when looking at higher end shoes, since 99.99% of them are made of leather or suede. BUT, I have to think of the animals and how they wouldn't appreciate my wearing their skin. So I won't. One of the problems you come across when buying non-leather shoes is the cheapie-look factor. So when you...

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What To Do With Old Leather Clothes & Shoes?

When you decide to stop buying leather, what to do with your fabulous leather jackets and shoes? I decided to stop buying leather about nine months ago, which is pretty recently. Why? Well, it just goes back to being aware of where clothes and shoes come from, and in the case of leather, they're animal skin -- mainly cow, but some lamb, pig, and even mis-marked dog and cat leather...

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Lustworthy: Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur Ethical Designer Shoes

  It's not super easy to find non-leather shoes that don't look like cheap hooker heels worn by strippers for a month before the heel breaks off. Luckily, I just discovered Cri de Coeur, an ethical accessory line that produces some pretty amazing footwear that looks high-end and straight off the runway at NYFW. Add to the mix a their┬ácollab last year with Arden Wohl, It-girl philanthropist, filmmaker and activist,...

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Here at StyleOm, we're always on the lookout for the new, the exciting, and, of course, the meaningful. So when I came across NYC based jewelry designer Rachel Brown, I couldn't help but be excited by her dramatic, esoteric pieces inspired by her study of Kabbalah. Based on Kabbalistic meditations composed of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet which Kabbalah recognizes as the DNA of the universe, Rachel Brown...

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OMworthy VEGAN BAG ALERT: Matt & Nat

Soooo, one of the hardest parts of going cruelty-free is the handbag issue. For many women, a designer bag is like a security blanket of sorts, albeit an expensive one. But skipping over handbags like Chanel's iconic quilted lambskin and Yves Saint Laurent's Muse patent leather, and consciously choosing something guilt-free, yet still uber-stylish, has been made more palatable by brands like Matt & Nat. I recently bagged (hehe) their...

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