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Seeing the (Upcycled) Light: Lucirmás DAMA Lamp

Lighting can make or break a room. And with the increasing popularity of upcycled design (combined with uber creativity), there's no dearth of fantastic lighting choices. Even though you can't get this upcycled, recycled and sustainably certified lamp stateside, I had to feature the Tom Allen-designed DAMA lamp from Lucirmás, a Barcelona-based sustainable lighting shop. From their online shop: Made from beautiful, 5-litre glass vessels (commonly used for storing wine or...

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SPIRIT IN STYLE (and welcome!)

Welcome to Style Om's first blog post, on the first day of 2015, an auspicious year. As the name implies, we are style for the spirit and we infuse spirit in style. For more information, please read the Story page. I'm Christina and I'm here to curate things of the spirit and conscious fashion + lifestyle. Join me as on this fantastical journey!

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