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THE HEART KNOWS: Institute of HeartMath Proves Heart-Brain Connection

The Institute of HeartMath, an organization dedicated to research of the heart and how it affects the brain and nervous system, posits that the heart's energetic field is the center of your universe and affects everything and everyone around you, and that this is from where you should navigate your life. It's not just the brain that sends messages to the heart, but the heart that sends messages to the...

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Giving You the Finger: Japanese Jin Shin Jyutsu Exercises Balance Emotions

Who isn't in need of a quick-fix when feeling out of balance emotionally? The Japanese touch therapy called Jin Shin Jyutsu does just that. According to Jin Shin Jyutsu's premise, each finger corresponds to different organs and their corresponding emotions. All you do is hold the specific finger -- or if you want to harmonize your entire body/emotions, go through each finger -- for three to five minutes while breathing...

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Tapping That: (E)motional (F)reedom (T)echnique for Healing

Every thought that you could tap away your problems? And by tap, I don't mean tap dance, tapping on your therapist's door or tapping your fingers in impatience. Described as an "emotional version of acupuncture" but without the needles, tapping--or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)--is a simple two-part process where you (1) mentally "tune in" to specific issues (like anxiety or depression) while (2) stimulating certain meridian points (energy circuits that run throughout...

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What Color is Your Aura?

Have you ever wondered what an aura is? And why some people give you bad feelings the minute you encounter them? I used to wonder too, until I started taking meditation classes where we would practice seeing each other's auras in meditation. And different people had different colored auras! Really fascinating. I'm just glad my aura wasn't greige. Auras can be a variety of colors, or even a combination. And...

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In my quest for alternative healing methods to heal both myself and others, I stumbled upon Pranic Healing, a sort-of cousin to Reiki, which is relatively widely-known as an alternative energy healing method using the universal life force. Reiki, though, uses touch, while Pranic Healing is a no-touch method of healing. I was so fascinated, I became certified in Pranic Healing (Level One). From the official Pranic Healing website: Pranic...

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GETTING (GEM)STONED: using crystals to enhance your life

When you think about crystals and their enthusiasts, you usually envision a woman wearing a flowy skirt and too-long hair in dire need of layers from 1969. Well, dearies, crystal aficionados run the gamut from 1969 woman to modern 2015 fashion girls. I discovered crystals a few years ago and they've been helpful to me in loads of ways. And a lot of my hip friends have copped to carrying crystals...

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Here at StyleOm, we're always on the lookout for the new, the exciting, and, of course, the meaningful. So when I came across NYC based jewelry designer Rachel Brown, I couldn't help but be excited by her dramatic, esoteric pieces inspired by her study of Kabbalah. Based on Kabbalistic meditations composed of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet which Kabbalah recognizes as the DNA of the universe, Rachel Brown...

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What’s Your (Life Path) Number?

According to numerology (the study of numbers), we all have different numbers that affect our lives, the most important one of which is our life path number, which, according to Numerology.com, reveals a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges and lessons you will encounter during your life. Your life path number is based on the date of your birth, and is calculated like this: First, reduce each unit of your birth date (month/day/year)...

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SPIRIT IN STYLE (and welcome!)

Welcome to Style Om's first blog post, on the first day of 2015, an auspicious year. As the name implies, we are style for the spirit and we infuse spirit in style. For more information, please read the Story page. I'm Christina and I'm here to curate things of the spirit and conscious fashion + lifestyle. Join me as on this fantastical journey!

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