Once you swear off buying new leather shoes and bags, you still get pangs of longing when looking at higher end shoes, since 99.99% of them are made of leather or suede. BUT, I have to think of the animals and how they wouldn’t appreciate my wearing their skin. So I won’t. One of the problems you come across when buying non-leather shoes is the cheapie-look factor. So when you find a decent looking non-leather shoe, you want to shout it from the rooftops. Or at the very least, blog about it.


One of Macy’s house brands, junior line American Rag, comes out with stylish hits on the regular. For those of you (and by that I mean me) looking for this season’s lace-up look, I present to you the American Rag Lila Ghillie Sandal, a surprisingly comfortable not-too-high wedge. Looks great with overalls, boyfriend jeans and sundresses. And with Macy’s constant sales, chances of your paying full price are practically nil. I suggest the black for a dressier vibe and the dark taupe for daytime chic.

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