Founder of Jungmaven clothing, Robert Jungmann’s intent on getting everyone in a “hemp tee by 2020,” and for a variety of reasons, both fashionable and sustainable. The founder of Jungmaven clothing line creates American-made tops and tees for both men and women that run the gamut from hippie tie dye tees to sleek, athletic inspired raglan sweatshirts–and all dyed using natural dyes like coffee, indigo and tea!

And why hemp? According to the website, “The more farming of industrial hemp the better for the environment. Hemp cleans oxygen, water and nourishes the land. Hemp uses very little to no pesticides or insecticides and needs a fraction of the water that cotton takes to grow.”

How cool is that? Anyway, since spring has sprung (like you haven’t heard THAT before), you need to refresh your tee collection. My tees used to last anywhere from a couple of washes to a year, depending on fabric content and washing. But hemp, when taken care of, can last for YEARS, thereby costing less per wear than that cheap shit you pick up at Forever 21 and wear a couple of times (I’m guilty of this!).

As I can resist a striped tee as much as a cat can catnip, my fave current Jungmaven tee is the women’s yarn dye double stripe short-sleeve pocket tee made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Soon to be seen atop jeans, tucked into full skirts and under blazers.


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