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AMOUR VERT Brand: Sophisticated Style for the Conscious Fashion Girl

Amour Vert (Green Love in French) is a sophisticated contemporary fashion brand out of San Francisco. Using non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers and fabrics, this line is committed to a zero waste design philosophy. They say you are what you wear, not just what you eat. Also, for each Amour Vert tee you buy, they plan a tree. Their collections remind me a bit of Marc by Marc Jacobs combined with...

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THE REFORMATION: Sexily Reforming the Idea of Sustainable Fashion

Say "sustainable fashion" and most people think it's an oxymoron. It's either a shapeless sack sewn together by some hippies who live on the outskirts of Portland or something in a bright tribal print made by village women in some village on another continent (not that there's anything wrong with that).  Enter REFORMATION, an L.A. based line chic and fashion forward, and with clean, sexy lines. The site explains: We make...

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Seeing the (Upcycled) Light: Lucirmás DAMA Lamp

Lighting can make or break a room. And with the increasing popularity of upcycled design (combined with uber creativity), there's no dearth of fantastic lighting choices. Even though you can't get this upcycled, recycled and sustainably certified lamp stateside, I had to feature the Tom Allen-designed DAMA lamp from Lucirmás, a Barcelona-based sustainable lighting shop. From their online shop: Made from beautiful, 5-litre glass vessels (commonly used for storing wine or...

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